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Here is a list of Amateur Radio related links.  Please provide any other important or useful links!

Basic Operating and Getting to Know about Amateur Radio Articles

Technique: MSNBC article looks at how ham operators use the airwaves, even when other communications are not possible. 

Licensing: Glossary explains the different licenses available for operating amateur ham radio.

Study Guide: A guide to prepare for earning a technicianís license.

Communicating with the Moon: Article discusses the common ham radio operator pastime of bouncing signals off the Moon.

Guide to Getting Started: This University of Nevada file (.pdf format) show has to set up a basic ham radio. Includes some terminology.

Maidenhead Grid: This website, which identifies different coordinate systems, discusses the common grid system used by ham operators.

High Frequency: This PowerPoint presentation by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute discusses the high frequency radio wave system, the most popular of three systems used by ham radio operators.

Preparedness: An explanation of how the lack of dependence on wires and carriers makes ham radio perfect for emergency preparedness.

Basics: The primer explains the basics of what ham radio is and why people use it.

FCC Guide: This Federal Communications Commission lists and answers frequently asked questions related to ham radio operations.

Crash Course: A page tutorial on how to initiate yourself into the ham radio world.

Etiquette: A list of doís and doníts for transmitting.

Museum: This museum site gives an online tour through the history of ham radio.

In Classrooms: Rice University PowerPoint presentation looks at how teachers are incorporating ham radios in classroom lessons.

Technology Clash: This USA Today article looks at how wireless technology is interfering with ham radio culture.

Government Use: CNN article explores how the Air Force uses ham radio frequencies for email.

Frequencies: This webpage offers an experiment for testing radio frequencies.

Emergency Protocol: Sites includes a table for what types of information to release over the airwaves during emergencies.

NASA: NASA details how and why cosmonauts and astronauts carry ham radios when visiting international space stations.

Shoretel: A history of Amateur Radio from ShoreTel Sky.



http://www.arrl.org/  American Radio Relay League, oldest Amateur radio organization in the US

http://greatlakes.arrl.org/  ARRL Great Lakes Division

http://www.fredco.net/radio/ Amateur Radio and Hobbyist Links

http://www.hamvention.org/ Dayton Hamvention

http://wireless.fcc.gov/services/index.htm?job=service_home&id=amateur  FCC Amateur Radio Services Page

http://www.miarc.com/  Michigan Area Repeater Council- Repeater coordinators for Michigan

Union: The International Amateur Radio Union lists different membership groups for operators.

Astronomers Group: This Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers brings together people from around the world who use ham primarily for exploring the solar system.

Satellite Operations: This group helps radio operators interact with astronauts and space stations.

Opportunities: This introductory page to ham radio culture explains the opportunities and benefits from practicing the hobby.



http://www.aade.com/  Almost All Digital Electronics

http://www.aesham.com/ Amateur Electronic Supply

http://www.bwantennas.com/  B&W Wire antennas

http://www.cablexperts.com/cfdocs/index.cfm?BSKT=0&USA_ship=1 Cable Experts Coax and Wire

http://www.ceitron.com/semi/semimain.html  Ceitron Replacement ICs parts store

http://www.hamradio.com/  Ham Radio Outlet

http://www.isotronantennas.com/  Isotron Stealth LC antennas

http://www.mfjenterprises.com/index.php  MFJ Enterprises, Amateur Radio Equipment manufacturer

http://www.radiobooks.com/  Radioware Books and Equipment

http://www.radioworks.com/  RadioWorks, wire antennas and RFI solutions

http://www.westmountainradio.com/index.html  West Mountain Radio, Rigblaster computer interfaces and Rigrunner power systems

http://www.wrblock.com/  WR Block, Polyphaser Lightning protection products

List of Suppliers: This list directs people to places online where they can obtain equipment to set up ham radio operations.



QSL Information

http://hamcall.net/index.html  Buckmaster Amateur Radio Call database

http://www.qrz.com/  QRZ Callsigns and information


http://www.mixw.net/  MixW Multimode software

http://www.n3fjp.com/  N3FJP software for contesting, Field Day, etc

Clubs and Swaps

http://www.w8pgw.org/ Arrow Communications:  Ann Arbor Club and Dayton Hamvention Bus

http://hparc.org/  Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club

http://mcrca.org/index.htm Monroe Amateur Radio Club

http://www.livoniaarc.com/ Livonia Amateur Radio Club, our partners for Field Day

http://www.qsl.net/k8uo/useca.htm Utica Shelby Emergency Communication Association (USECA)



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