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Here are various FARL Club Presentations from over the years.  The latest topics are on top.

Presentation Links

System Fusion Rigs 2018, Roger Reini, KD8CSE
IEEE Soldering and Amateur Radio Classes at Caroline Kennedy Public Library, Kimball Williams, January 2018
Volunteer Examiner Ssytem 2017, Roger Reini, KD8CSE
2017 Solar Eclipse QSO Party from Ford Engineering Lab, David, N8HKU (updated version)
2017 Solar Eclipse from St. Joseph, MO, Sept, 2017, Roger, KD8CSE
What's New about Hamvention 2017?, May, 2017, Roger, KD8CSE
Software Defined Radios Overview, April 2017.  Tye, KC8YEJ
VOACAP Presentation, March 2017, David, N8HKU
Magnetic Loop Antennas, February 2017, Roger, KD8CSE
PowerPole Presentation, January 2017, David, N8HKU
Global Positioning System, November 2016, David, N8HKU
Automatic Position Reporting System, October, 2016, by David, N8HKU
System Fusion Mobile Rigs Review, May, 2016, by Roger, KD8CSE
Digital Voice Communication on HF: March, 2015 by David, N8HKU
Warren Consolidated ARISS Contact of February 2015 by Gordon, KD8COJ
    Video highlights from ISS Contact shown at the Club meeting
    Full length Video from Warren Con ISS Contact
Yaesu System Fusion, KD8CSE Presented
Roofing Filters, N8HKU presented
HSMM-Mesh Network, K8RMM presented
    Links from K8RMM




Island Chasing by Roger, KD8CSE
AA5RO Presentation by Roger, KD8CSE
Bluetooth Technology Presentation, by Dave, N8HKU
Raspberry PI Links, from Rich, K8RMM Presentation
Wouxun KG-U3VD, by KD8CSE
International Amateur Operations by N8OZV
The Sun and Solar Cycle 24 by N8HKU
APRS Presentation, given by K8RMM
Bluetooth Headset information, W8AMH
The History of Morse Code, N8HKU
Invention of Radio, N8HKU
Stealth Antennas, N8HKU
The Sun and Radio Propagation, N8HKU
RF Exposure Presentation
RF Worsheet and Instructions
RF Evaluation Worksheet
W1AW Presentation, KD8CSE
Ford Sync 2007, N8HKU
Training Classes Beyond Your License, N8HKU
Amateur Radio at Detroit Children's Museum, WA8HEA
Bicycle Mobile, Roger, KD8CDSE
The HF Antennas of Field Day, N8HKU



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Last modified: February 16, 2018